Sunday, February 26, 2006

Da Hell??!

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damn!! long long time since i updated dis borin blog...i juz got into dis grup called 'PinQu3 FudgE'... i feel honoured to be in dis grup...dey r all from damai sec except from da odd 1 out coz im deir adek angkat...hehehe...dey r da best kakak angkats ive eva had!!! dey r very kechorablez...even in skeul!!! haha...kkz...GTG!! AdiozZ!!!

A.K.A~~CutE ChiCa~~

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Tired Man!!

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hey ppl!! itz so tirin todae!! i had 2 lead parents ard da skool so dat dey can decide which cca their child can join...afta dat,i had 2 go 4 malay dance n afta dat...i had 2 play 2 basketball matches..i even got myself da tym i reach home it was ard 6 goin 2 slept for hours wen i got back...reli2 tirin...but i still had fun so itz ok..kekeke...

~..*mIa*..~ OutTa HerE!!!!

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Fun liao!!

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Yesterdae...I went 2 tamp 2 watch ma relatives, ma bro n PD(ma bro's fren) play a soccer match...Dey were GD but it was a draw..It was a friendly match so dere was no penalty shootout...Wen i was watchin da game wit PD's fiance,we started 2 get hungry..We went across da road 2 get sum food..We den came across a shop selling bubble tea..Dey sell hotdogs 2...Guess how much dey cost?? It was just $1..N it was cheese hotdog..We bought it n it taste GREAT!! Wen we went back 2 da field, it was half time..Afta da whole game, I found out dat my cuz was offered 2 join a club..Proud of him...I admit dat he was Great!! No 1 can stop him from playin soccer...Its his passion!! He will take a VERY BIG step if he backs off from soccer...Afta dat, we packed everytin n decided 2 go 2 tm...We waited 4 da bus n my bro was 'condifent' dat bus num 69 cn get us dere...It turns out dat he was rong...We went down da bus n took 21...Reaaaalllllyyyy Fun!!!

It was great n Fun liao!!! hahaha

~..*mIa*..~ OutiE!!

...mia... blogged @ 4:20 PM

Friday, November 18, 2005

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Wassup ppl!! Well, 2dae i hang out wit ma fwenz @ da void deck 4awhile...Den followed ma bro 2 his x's house coz dere was a open house...Stayed dere 4 quite a long time...Chit chat, ate n had sum fun...Wen i came back, met ma fwens @ da void deck..hang wit em 4awhile...again...Went back home, i ate burger n sum fries...mmmmmm tasty!!! N da best ting is................SKOOLS OUT!!!! WOOOHHOOOOO!!!

Im OuTie!!! Bubye!!

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Great Time!!!

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Hey!! Been sumtime since i update ma blog!! Hmmmm....Wat can i sae bout 2dae?? Well, My fwenz came 2 ma house 2dae..N guess wat?! Dey stayed @ ma house 4 more den 1 hr!! I was watching Shaun Of The Dead wen dey came...Dey said dey luv da movie n wanted 2 watch it till de end...Dey went home ard 6:45...Had sum gd laughs with em...Had a Great time!!
Well, Im Out!! Cya!!

...mia... blogged @ 9:45 PM

Monday, October 24, 2005

Exam Cumin!!!!

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Hey ppl!! 2dae is a normal dae...Came back from skool-->took a nap-->watch tv-->eat-->have fun!
Ma exam is cumin up...Hope i will do great for all da subjects...Kinda stressed out 4 exams...I juz hate exams or tests...Dey stress me out!! N if i don get gd results,Im DEAD!! I cant take it!! I mean,skools nowadaes r harder den our parents tink!! Dey dunno how it feels lyk...Well dats all 4 2dae...Update agn soon aite??

~..*mIa*..~ 0utiE!!

...mia... blogged @ 7:50 PM

Sunday, July 10, 2005


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Hey!! hope u luvv ma blog..HAVE FUN!!

...mia... blogged @ 9:45 PM

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